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Juju Premier Palace

Juju Premier Palace

A unique holiday experience

Decorated with the modern architecture of elegance, comfort and full service, Premier Palace is ready to offer you all the colors of the Mediterranean so that you feel special from the first moment you step into the magical world of Premier Palace Hotel, where every detail has been carefully designed for our guests. Meet Premier Palace to get away from the stress of the city and the traffic of daily life, redefine yourself and refresh your energy.

We planned it together and we did it. We gave importance to hygiene for mothers, comfort for fathers and safety for children ...

You said I was a hygienist, you said I was a fan of comfort ... You said I want large living spaces, my family is crowded, I have a small but peaceful room, you already said that I am coming alone ... We did whatever you wanted. From your single-person peace holiday, to your room where you can comfortably stay with your big family, from your door to the pool in the garden, to the peak of luxury ... We have gathered all the possibilities for you in four categories.

Is it a pity to have everything one step ahead of you? The answer to this question for us is "yes".

We know that we have to deliver a design that is worth your expectation, for you and your body. That's why we asked you again! We found world-famous massage methods, rehabilitated our beach, and put our pools in the areas closest to you as the best possible design and location. We put the best equipment for those who want fitness and the most suitable for those who want water ski without disturbing the nature.

Therapeutic flavor experiences for your taste buds

We know you don't like chaos. We know you don't like waiting in line ... Because we ask you every step of the way, and you know that! Every vacationer wants to be seen as a "Premier". The foundation of our service philosophy starts from here. Our special "Premier" kitchens with the consistency and taste you always want at almost every moment of the day ... Our bars ... Our presentations that will make you feel that you are "Premier" at every moment that bring us together with your taste, is your most important privilege.