Welcome to Juju Premier Palace

Meeting Rooms

Our hotel has the facilities and services ideally suited for your groups, and equipped with all the necessary audio and video technology, and features 5 meeting rooms of different sizes, foyer, and a ballroom with a capacity for up to 1150 pax

BALLROOM42 m34,5 m1450 m24,75 m1400100014002401000
BALLROOM 1 | MERCAN17,88 m17,45 m312 m24,75 m37525035060250
BALLROOM 2 | YAKUT17,88 m17,26 m308 m24,75 m37525035060250
BALLROOM 3 | SEDEF18,1 m17,39 m314 m24,75 m37525035060250
BALLROOM 4 | SAFİR18,1 m17,39 m314 m24,75 m37525035060250
BALLROOM 1-2 | MERCAN - YAKUT35,76 m34,71 m620 m24,75 m750500750180450
BALLROOM 3-4 | SEDEF - SAFİR36,2 m34.78 m628 m24,75 m750500750180450
CORRIDOR34,5 m5,9 m203 m24,75 m-----
FUAYE28,8 m15,7 m452 m2-40025035080250
WORK SHOP 1 | AKİK10,6 m8 m85 m22,55 m100501004050
WORK SHOP 2 | AMETİST9,8 m9,8 m96 m22,55 m100501004050
WORK SHOP 3 | KUVARS8,7 m11,6 m100 m22,55 m100501004050
WORK SHOP 4 | AMBER5,9 m5,8 m34 m22,55 m3020301820